LADO LOHI was set up in 2002 with the sole purpose of educating Cambodians, specifically the people in Battambang. It began as a basic English language centre and today has expanded to a full fledged English school using the xxx syllabus providing structured language learning giving students the necessary foundations to read, listen and speak English. Additionally, the school also organizes weekend activities and school holiday camps that are focused on developing holistic children and youth.

Aside from English, LADO-LOHI also has a pre-school catered for children ages 3-6. The pre-school aims at providing children foundational English language skill, lessons to expand creativity and innovation and provide a safe environment for children to learn through play.

LADO-LOHI’s facility also includes a computer room where students learn basic computer skills and gain access to other online learning resources.


The history of LADO-LOHI is one of doom to hope. The school building was once a den for prostitution. Legal that is. The brothel operated for 10 years providing men guilty pleasures and exploiting women and sometimes even girls. Sam Raguingan, the current founder and director of LADO-LOHI purchased the dilapidated building and renovated it what is known now as an educational hub.


The vision of the school is to educate, elevate and empower young people who are at risk of exploitation, maltreatment and poverty. The team at LADO LOHI believes that by educating people, we give them a voice that otherwise will not be heard, a choice to make informed decisions and hopefully a future for better career opportunities to elevate them from the poverty cycle.

There is a block of classrooms at LADO LOHI’s premises that has been preserved from its past and now serves as English classrooms. The only reason why the block is kept is as a reminder that despite its unpleasing history, a brighter future awaits. The school now has a three-storey building constructed in 2012 with 12 classrooms, a┬ácomputer room, library and a multipurpose hall.

LADO LOHI educates approximately 1,100 students daily.

Impact on the Community

  1. Many of our graduates has successfully found English speaking jobs such as tour guides, hotel staffs, bank officers, diplomats and entrepreneurs.
  2. Permit from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Ministry of Education.
  4. Anti human trafficking activities by distributing flyers and conducting seminars.
  5. Expatriates and local English staffs – all trained and proven.
  6. Successfully ran two holiday English Camps in 2012 and 2013 – which attracted more than 500 students all over Battambang.

In The Pipeline

  1. New literacy centres will be built in rural Battambang to bring education to children in the outskirts.

Our History

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