Literacy Centres

New literacy centres will be built in rural Battambang to bring education to children in the outskirts. These locations are selected based on the distance and school availability within the area.

Existing Literacy Centres

  • Takrok (60km)
  • Don Maey (38km)
  • Bengampil (35km)
  • Neang Len (48km)
  • Peak Sbaek (Snaeong) (25km)
  • Poipet (40km)
  • Ang Selah Village

Literacy Centres In The Pipeline

These centres have worked started, funds being raised or negotiation for the land has been sorted.

  • Bun Chour (48km)
  • Chumlongkuey (more than 80km)
  • Sompouluun District
  • Malai District

*distance is an estimate from Battambang town